Portal Usage Terms & Conditions

General site Terms & Conditions

Your use of this portal is governed by and conditioned upon your acceptance of the following terms & conditions. Your individually identifiable Log-in capabilities are provided by Alhilal Life B.S.C.(c) and or its subsidiary Alhilal Takaful B.S.C.(c) as a convenience to you and for your benefit only, being the policy/contract owner “Customer”, and this portal is not intended to be accessed by your broker, financial advisor or any other third party and accordingly you need to make sure your login details are kept confidential and are not shared with anyone. We reserve the right to prevent any parties other than policy/contract owners from using this portal.

Terms and Conditions

      • Alhilal Life B.S.C.(c) and or its subsidiary Alhilal Takaful B.S.C.(c) “Company” will provide the Customer with Online Customer Service Portal (the “Service”) accessible from the Company’s web site from time to time.
      • The Customer agrees to keep any access identification codes and passwords secret and to take all precautions necessary to prevent unauthorized used thereof or access to the electronics platform accessible via the Internet (the “Platform”). The Customer undertakes to change the passwords frequently and to notify the Company immediately in the event that the Customers knows or suspects:
        i) Any errors by the Customer while carrying out any transaction without having the right to claim against the Company in any manner for any damages that may arise from such errors;
        ii) Such access identification code and/or password to have become known to any unauthorized person;
        iii) Any unauthorized use or misuse of the Platform or Service.
      • The Company assumes no responsibility for fraudulent or unauthorized use of the Customer’s access identification codes and /or passwords.
      • The Customer understands and agrees that neither the Company nor its affiliates or its their employees shall be liable for any loss either direct, indirect, actual, consequential, expectable or non-expectable suffered by the Customer in respect of or in connection with the Service of the Platform including but not limited to:
        i) Any malfunction, errors, omission, delay, break-down, interruption in, improper operation of, inaccuracies in the operations of the Service; and/or
        ii) The non-availability of the Internet or the Platform; and/or
        iii) Any loss, damage or destruction caused to the Customer’s hardware, software or other data processing system as a result of using the Service; and/or
        iv) Customer’s use of e-mail or any other insecure means of communication in dispatching instructions to the Company.
        v) Any breach of confidentiality resulting directly or indirectly from the Customer’s use of the Service or the Platform; and/or
        vi) Any interruption or delay caused by any update or replacement performed on the Platform; and/or

    vii) Any inaccurate or erroneous information provided by Customer.
    viii) Any matter arising from causes beyond the Company’s control.

    • The Company shall be entitled to rely on any instructions, which the Company believes to be genuine and to have been received from the Customer. The Company is authorized to accept Customer’s instructions and duly execute them. The Customer accepts all risks of misunderstanding and errors and the risk of instructions being given fraudulently and/or by any unauthorized parties and agrees that the Company shall not be responsible for any loss, liability or expense that may result from such fraud, misunderstandings, error and/or unauthorized instructions. The Customer hereby agrees to indemnify and keep the Company, its officers, employees, agents, and representatives harmless from and against all actions, proceedings, damages, costs, claims, demands, expenses and losses which the Company may suffer, incur or sustain by reason of the Company following such instructions.
    • Any instruction issued by the Customer to the Company through this Service is valid and shall not be canceled except through a cancellation notice from the Customer and addressed to, and received by the Company prior to the execution of such instructions.
    • The Company may in its absolute discretion, and without incurring any liability refuse to implement any instruction/transaction for any reason and will immediately notify the Customer of its refusal.
    • The Customer understands that the Company shall process instructions received on any business day on which the Company is open for business.
    • The Company does not guarantee the validity of the information displayed on the screen or printed by the Customer while using the Service which shall not be construed as being the Company’s updated records unless expressly confirmed by the Company.
    • Company records containing Customer instructions through the Service are considered to be material evidence of such instructions when issued and are legally binding upon the Customer.
    • The Company may from time to time amend these terms and conditions and notify the Customer by such means as deemed fair.
    • The Company may publish on the Service site notices of general nature and which are applicable to all Service customers. Such notices shall have the same legal effect as that of the special notices sent specifically to Customer.
    • The Company shall be entitled to terminate the service in case of the Customer’s breach of the terms and conditions governing all the services provided by the Company. Should the Customer wish to suspend the Service, he/she must inform the Company accordingly by giving fifteen (15) days prior written notice by registered mail and the Customer shall be responsible for all transactions that take place during such period.
      Customer is aware that the Company shall not issue any notice or printed confirmation regarding any transaction executed through the Service, though the status of any transaction can be checked through the portal.
    • The Customer shall be fully responsible for all transactions that take place with this service whether such transactions are undertaken with his/her knowledge and authority or not. Such transactions shall be deemed final and binding upon him in all cases and shall assign any right to contest or dispute the validity thereof.
    • The terms and conditions listed herein pertain only to the provision of this Service. All customer policy related terms and conditions continue to apply.
    • The Customer shall be deemed to have accepted and agreed to abide by these terms and conditions when he starts using the Service.
    • The Company on a confidential basis shall deal with all the information provided by the Customer but this shall not bar the Company from disclosing to the court authorities any information, clarifications or inquiries that are received officially from such authorities.
      Further, the Company may in its sole discretion disclose any information to the concerned services where it is related to this service with a view of developing and improving the performance of its service and finding out shortcomings of such services.
    • The customer agrees, accepts and authorizes the Company to charge him/her or debit his/her account of all fees, charges and expenses arising from his/her account/ service with the Company.
    • The Customer acknowledges that the Company or its affiliates is the owner of all rights in and to the web site and the Platform and each component thereof and all intellectual property with respect thereto.
      These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Bahrain for Customers with a policy issued in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the laws of the State of Kuwait for Customers with a policy issued in the State of Kuwait.
    • These terms and conditions are issued in Arabic and English languages. In case of any contradiction or discrepancy the Arabic text shall prevail.