Your wedding and honeymoon need not be a crippling financial burden. With our Wedding Plan, you can plan ahead and begin saving to ensure you have the start to married life you deserve. 

You can choose an Investment Strategy to invest in, according to your needs and requirements. As your circumstances may change, our Wedding Plan offers flexibility of investment strategy and contribution.


Our Wedding Plan is a long term life protection and investment plan designed to provide a sum of money to pay for a family member’s, or your own, wedding at a chosen maturity date or in the unfortunate event of your death before plan maturity. 

When you apply for our Wedding Plan you decide how often and how much you want to contribute depending on your financial goals. The amount of life cover you have is determined in relation to your original contribution level and the chosen plan term. In the unfortunate event of your death before the plan maturity, your nominated beneficiary will receive the greater of your plan value or your life cover. At maturity the plan value is paid to you.



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